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Welcome to Peace for Mind, your naturopathy practice located in the centre of Meilen

My services are rooted in traditional European naturopathy and herbal medicine – otherwise known as phytotherapy

Diagnostic assessment

Every consultation begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment.
This includes the use of a wide range of procedures in order to identify a condition.

Diagnostic assessments include taking a person’s medical history, physical examinations and medical tests such blood pressure and heart rate tests, listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope (auscultation), cranial nerve and reflex function tests, lymph node examinations, liver examination and body tissue and fluid tests (urine and stool).

Medical history

To start with, the focus is always on exploring a person’s individual medical history.

This includes recording any ongoing and previous conditions, as well as any conditions that run in the family.
This will provide me with an overview of your general state of health. If there are any ongoing health issues, it is always important for me to know when they first appeared, whether they are sporadic or continuous and how severe they are. It is also important for me to know about any measures or treatments you have already taken and how your body has responded to them. I will also need to know whether you are taking any medication at present or what medication you have previously taken.
The more information you can provide, the more precise and specific the diagnosis and consequently your treatment plan, which will be accurately tailored to your needs.

Closely collaborating and exchanging as much information as possible is therefore one of the first steps towards creating a successful treatment plan.

I am looking forward to supporting your health and well-being during this phase of your life!


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Andrea Sinko

I am a certified naturopath/natural health practitioner for holistic medicine, medical massage and therapy, dedicated to supporting individuals with all kinds of health-related issues and challenges as a specialist and health coach.

I support individuals at all stages of life – from the crib up until old age.

My approach is always fully tailored to the individual and their specific needs with the aim of supporting your health in a targeted way through our consultations and treatments.

I consider my work as complementary to conventional medical treatments, and I believe that both approaches complement and support each other.

Find out more about me and my training.

I am looking forward to working with you!

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