Medical relaxation

Autogenic training (AT) and progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) are both medical relaxation techniques designed to reduce tension and relax the body and mind.They involve guided relaxations during which individuals are gently led into a deeply relaxed state.In progressive muscle relaxation, this is achieved by tensing and relaxing muscles; in autogenic training, by promoting feelings of calm and relaxation in your body.Everyday stresses, environmental stress and ill health are increasingly creating more and more strain for people,while modern life simultaneously offers increasingly few opportunities to slow down and relax.These medical relaxation techniques are powerful tools for reducing stress, building resilience and improving the capacity to deal better with stress.They also boost self-confidence and motivation.By practising these medical relaxation techniques, we are giving ourselves some time to be still and relax, and to return to our own centre through the guidance provided, which has a positive effect on our health.Why medical?We have included this term to highlight the fact that the health-promoting and therapeutic effect of these techniques, when practised regularly, is scientifically backed.

They can help reduce:

  • Chronic pain
  • Neuromuscular tension
  • Tension and restlessness
  • Stress-related symptoms
  • Exam stress and anxiety



  • Stress-related conditions
  • Physical and emotional exhaustion and burnout



  • Cognitive performance (concentration, memory)
  • Body awareness
  • Sleep quality
  • Immune system


Help with:

  • Good health
  • General physical and exercise performance
  • Mental and physical regeneration
  • Preparing for birth