Andrea Sinko


Naturopath/Natural Medicine Practitioner/Certified Bioresonance Therapist/CertifiedMassage Therapist, Reflexologist and Esalen® Massage Practitioner
I developed an interest in alternative medicine in my early 20s when I witnessed a good friend and dentist successfully using TCM and other complementary healing methods in her practice.
I finally took my first step to train in 2008, when I undertook professional training as a specialist instructor for medical relaxation techniques (autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation).I then went on to train as a Holistic Body Therapist, Esalen® Massage Practitioner and Naturopath.

This was followed by training in the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), manual therapies, massage, women’s health, pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht, bioresonance and humoral medicine.

​I have been supporting, treating and providing advice and guidance to individuals of all ages with a wide range of different ailments in my own practice since 2010.

‘As a certified naturopath (TEN) and natural medicine practitioner, I support my patients throughout all stages of life with professional health advice, treatments, remedies and coaching.

My work is informed by a genuine desire to support each individual holistically and in accordance with their own specific needs.

I am looking forward to supporting your health and well-being during this phase of your life!’

Sincerely, Andrea Sinko

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